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ISO/IEC CD 29110-5-2-1

Systems and software engineering — Lifecycle profiles for Very Small Entities (VSEs) — Part 5-2-1: Organizational management guidelines

General information

30.00     Dec 23, 2022



International Standard


ISO/IEC 29110-5-2-1:2016 is applicable to Very Small Entities (VSEs). VSEs are enterprises, organizations, departments or projects having up to 25 people. The lifecycle processes described in the ISO/IEC 29110:2016 series are not intended to preclude or discourage their use by organizations bigger than VSEs.
ISO/IEC 29110-5-2-1:2016 is the Organizational management guidance for profiles described in ISO/IEC 29110-4-1 through Organizational Management, Project Portfolio Management, Resource Management and Process Management Processes. It is not intended for a VSE to use the standardized profile to implement ISO/IEC 29110-5-2-1:2016.
Using ISO/IEC 29110-5-2-1:2016, a VSE can obtain benefits in the following aspects:
? multiple project execution and supervision of its performance, making sure all processes are executed according to the organizational strategy;
? continuous monitoring of the customer satisfaction;
? deployment and improvement of the organizational standard processes in all projects;
? controlled provision of required resources.

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ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-2-1:2016


ISO/IEC CD 29110-5-2-1
30.00 Committee draft (CD) registered
Dec 23, 2022