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prSRPS ISO 7507-2:2023

Petroleum and liquid petroleum products — Calibration of vertical cylindrical tanks — Part 2: Optical-reference-line method or electro-optical distance-ranging method

General information

10.99     Jan 1, 2023



International Standard



This document specifies methods for the calibration of tanks above eight metres in diameter with cylindrical courses that are vertical. It provides two methods for determining the volumetric quantity of the liquid contained within a tank at gauged liquid levels.
NOTE      For optical-reference-line method, the optical (offset) measurements required to determine the circumferences can be taken internally or externally, provided that insulation is removed if tank is insulated.
The methods are suitable for tilted tanks with up to 3 % deviation from the vertical provided that a correction is applied for the measurement tilt, as described in ISO 7507-1.
These methods are alternatives to other methods such as strapping (ISO 7507-1) and the optical-triangulation method (ISO 7507-3).

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SRPS ISO 7507-2:2012


prSRPS ISO 7507-2:2023
10.99 New project approved
Jan 1, 2023

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