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naSRPS EN ISO 9012:2022

Gas welding equipment - Air-aspirated hand blowpipes - Specifications and tests (ISO 9012:2023)

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40.60     Mar 6, 2023



European Norm



This document specifies requirements and test methods for air-aspirated hand blowpipes.
This document applies to blowpipes for brazing, soldering, heating, fusion and other allied thermal processes which use a fuel gas and aspirated air (injector-type blowpipes) and are intended for manual use.
This document is applicable to:
—     air-aspirated hand blowpipes which are fed with a fuel gas in the gaseous phase, at a controlled pressure by a regulator, through a gas supply hose;
—     air-aspirated hand blowpipes which are fed with a liquefied fuel gas in the gaseous phase at the container pressure, through a gas supply hose;
—     so-called liquid-phase blowpipes which are fed with a fuel gas in the liquid phase, and where thermal evaporation takes place within the blowpipe.
It does not apply to blowpipes in which the fuel gas leaves the injector in the liquid phase, or to so-called “cartridge” blowpipes where the gas supply is fixed directly onto the blowpipe and possibly constitutes the shank.
NOTE            Figures 1 to 4 are given for guidance only, to facilitate the explanation of the terms. They do not specify the construction details, which are left to the discretion of the manufacturer.

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SRPS EN ISO 9012:2012


naSRPS EN ISO 9012:2022
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Mar 6, 2023

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