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naSRPS EN 1995-3:2022

Eurocode 5 - Design of timber structures - Part 3: Execution

General information

40.60     Dec 14, 2023



European Norm

91.010.30     91.080.20  



1.1 Scope of EN 1995 3
(1) This document gives minimum requirements for execution of timber structures (buildings and bridges) designed in accordance with EN 1995 to ensure that what is built meets the requirements for mechanical resistance, serviceability, durability and fire performance.
(2) This document includes the minimum requirements for moisture control during transport to building site, storage on site, handling on site and execution.
(3) This document gives guidance on workmanship and permitted geometrical deviations during execution.
(4) This document relies on an execution specification which states all the specific requirements relevant for the execution of a particular structure.
(5) For products covered by a European technical product specification, this document only covers those aspects of fabrication such as cutting, machining and drilling after placement of the product on the market.
(6) This document does not cover:
a) Design and detailing rules;
b) Secondary members which are not designed according to EN 1995;
c) Temporary works (such as formwork, scaffolding, propping, shoring, etc.);
d) Specification, production and conformity of timber members in accordance with European technical product specifications;
e) Permitted geometrical deviations required for appearance, thermal or sound insulation;
f) Contractual aspects, responsibilities of the various parties, competency requirements or the degree of independence of the personnel undertaking the inspection;
g) Health and safety requirements during execution.
1.2 Assumptions
(1) It is recognized in this document that areas such as detailed requirements for competence of personnel, and details related to the Quality Management are within the competence of the CEN Member States.
(2) Before the execution begins on a part of the structure, it is assumed the following are available on site for inspection levels IL2-B and IL3 (Inspection Level according to EN 1990 and Table 4.1 of this document):
- the design of that part, including calculations, drawings, and specification;
- the execution specification.
(3) Before the start of the execution, it is assumed that the execution specification has been checked for completeness.
(4) It is assumed that previous work (such as foundations) has been inspected and any work which needs to be done due to deviations from the execution specification has been carried out.

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naSRPS EN 1995-3:2022
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Dec 14, 2023

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