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prSRPS EN 50743:2024

Ecodesign for power electronics including approach for environmental product declarations and specifications for the material efficiency assessment

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European Norm



This standard defines product specific rules (PSR) for power electronic converter systems (PECS) and
equipment. It specifies the process and requirements on how to conduct life cycle assessment (LCA) in
the context of environmental product declarations (EPD) for PECS in the field of:
- motor systems, as adjustable speed electric power drive systems (PDS) and soft-starters in
combination with a motor;
- uninterruptible power systems (UPS);
- low voltage stabilized d.c. power supplies;
- bi-Directional Grid-Connected Power Converters (Bi-Dir-GCPC).
High voltage direct current (HVDC) equipment and other PECS (e.g. PV, Windmills and e-vehicles) for
which other dedicated product committees and specific standards exist are excluded from the scope.
This document defines functional units and default scenarios in the product-specific context and
common rules and guidelines for:
a) the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), including the requirements for default scenarios;
b) the LCA report and environmental product declaration;
The LCA principles and framework are based on the ISO 1404x series of standards (i.e., ISO 14040 and
ISO 14044), and therefore out of the scope of this standard
In addition, this document defines specific Ecodesign assessment methods and specifications for the
material efficiency aspects of PECS and equipment that are derived from published horizontal and
generic standards for Energy-related Products (EN 45550[1] to EN 45559[1] standard series).
This considers definitions and specifications for respective interfaces enabling material efficiency
assessments at system level of PECS for PDS, UPS, Power supplies or Bi-Dir-GCPC’s.
It provides consistent and common criteria for considering material efficiency-related data to be
operated by stakeholders along the lifecycle, supporting the building of digital product passport (DPP),
data migration and interoperability of products and systems, including digital twins

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SRPS EN 50598-3:2015


prSRPS EN 50743:2024
10.99 New project approved

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