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SRPS CEN/TS 81-11:2011

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Basics and interpretations - Part 11: Interpretations related to EN 81 family of standards

Dec 27, 2011

General information

90.93     Nov 29, 2013

90.00    Nov 29, 2016



Technical Specification



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This Technical Specification is a collection of interpretations related to the EN 81 family of standards (see CEN/TR 81-10:2008). As second issue, this document collects interpretations to EN 81-1:1998, EN 81-2:1998, EN 81-28:2003, EN 81-58:2003, EN 81-70:2003, EN 81-72:2003 and EN 81-73:2005.
Interpretations to other standards of the EN 81 family will be added when they are available.
Interpretations aim to improve the understanding of the clause(s) they are referring to and by that facilitating common understanding between manufacturers, lift installers, notified bodies, inspection bodies and national authorities.
Interpretations do not have the same status as the standards to which they are related. However, the application of interpretations should give to the interested parties confidence that the relevant standard has not been wrongly applied.

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SRPS CEN/TS 81-11:2010


SRPS CEN/TS 81-11:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 29, 2013

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