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SRPS CEN/TS 81-76:2011

Safety rules for the construction and installation of lifts - Particular applications for passengers and goods passenger lifts - Part 76: Evacuation of disabled persons using lifts

Dec 27, 2011

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90.93     Nov 29, 2013

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Technical Specification



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1.1 Use of the lift
This Technical Specification gives rules for the intended use of the lift by persons with impaired mobility in order to assist the evacuation of a building. To achieve this objective, the selected lift(s) must be incorporated within an overall building design that includes all the usual stairs and escape routes without any reduction in their quantity or capacity.
It specifies the special provisions and safety rules to assist persons with impaired mobility to safely evacuate a building using lifts in relative safety with the help of suitably trained assistants.
This specification does not define the number and size of lift required, or the size of door openings that must be determined on a case by case basis by the building designer in line with applicable national regulations.
1.2 This Technical Specification applies
To permanently installed new:
a) electric lifts, with traction or positive drive (as defined in EN 81-1);
b) hydraulic lifts (as defined in EN 81-2).
1.3 This Technical Specification defines requirements to allow safe lift use where
a) the buildings has not sustained structural damage e.g. from explosion, flood, lightening strike, earthquake, storm etc.
b) the well and car is safe for persons to use. e.g. free of smoke, etc.
c) a fire resisting structure for the lift provides suitable protection;
d) some form of fire detection means is provided at least at the lift and safe areas;
e) where power supplies are secure and reliable, the provision of a secondary supply is not essential but the cable providing power to the lift shall be fire protected to the same level as given to the lift structure;
f) where a building secondary supply is not provided, the lift shall have a provision to allow the lift to be recovered electrically to an adjacent safe area (floor).
1.4 Assumptions
The following assumptions are made:
a) The lift is provided with a means to protect it from the effects of fire and smoke.

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SRPS CEN/TS 81-76:2011
90.93 Standard confirmed
Nov 29, 2013


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