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SRPS EN ISO 5164:2014

Petroleum products - Determination of knock characteristics of motor fuels - Research method (ISO 5164:2014)

Nov 30, 2018
Nov 30, 2018

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60.60     Nov 30, 2018



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usvojen na 35. sednici KS B028-2 Inicijalni prevod pripremio VTI prilagodjen prema ASTM D2699-12



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ISO 5164:2014 establishes the rating of liquid spark-ignition engine fuel in terms of an arbitrary scale of octane numbers using a standard single-cylinder, four-stroke cycle, variable compression ratio, carburetted, CFR engine operated at constant speed. Research octane number (RON) provides a measure of the knock characteristics of motor fuels in automotive engines under mild conditions of operation.
ISO 5164:2014 is applicable for the entire scale range from 0 RON to 120 RON, but the working range is 40 RON to 120 RON. Typical motor fuel testing is in the range of 88 RON to 101 RON.
ISO 5164:2014 is applicable for oxygenate-containing fuels containing up to 4,0 % (m/m) oxygen and for gasoline containing up to 25 % (V/V) ethanol.

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SRPS EN ISO 5164:2009


SRPS EN ISO 5164:2014
60.60 Standard published
Nov 30, 2018

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Adopted from EN ISO 5164:2014

Adopted from ISO 5164:2014