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SRPS EN ISO 14819-1:2021

Intelligent transport systems - Traffic and travel information messages via traffic message coding - Part 1: Coding protocol for Radio Data System - Traffic Message Channel (RDS-TMC) using ALERT-C (ISO 14819-1:2021)

Apr 29, 2021

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60.60     Apr 29, 2021



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03.220.20     35.240.60  




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The ALERT-C protocol is designed to provide mostly event-oriented road end-user information messages.
This document specifies the messages which are presented to the user in accordance with a set of general requirements. It defines the message structure and content and its presentation to the end-user.
The message management component of this document describes the message management functions of RDS-TMC. The ALERT-C protocol distinguishes between user messages and system messages. User messages are those potentially made known to the end-user, as defined in Clause 5. System messages are of use only to the RDS-TMC terminal, for message management purposes.
RDS-TMC information comprises both ?system information' and ?user messages'. System information relates to the TMC service and details the parameters that the terminal needs to be able to find, identify and decode the TMC information. System information is transmitted in type 3A groups and in type 8A groups.
User messages contain the details of the traffic events; these may use one or more type 8A groups. Most messages may be transmitted using a single type 8A group, however messages with more detail (e.g. diversion advice) may use up to a total of five, type 8A groups.
The transmission component of this document conveys the messages over-air. The ALERT-C protocol, used by RDS-TMC, has the fundamental approach of aiming to code most messages entirely within a single RDS group.
The ALERT-C Event List, which contains all event descriptions, is described in ISO 14819‑2.

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SRPS EN ISO 14819-1:2014


SRPS EN ISO 14819-1:2021
60.60 Standard published
Apr 29, 2021

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Adopted from EN ISO 14819-1:2021

Adopted from ISO 14819-1:2021