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SRPS EN IEC 60891:2022

Photovoltaic devices - Procedures for temperature and irradiance corrections to measured I-V characteristics

Oct 31, 2022

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60.60     Oct 31, 2022



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This document defines procedures to be followed for temperature and irradiance corrections to the measured I-V (current-voltage) characteristics (also known as I-V curves) of photovoltaic (PV) devices. It also defines the procedures used to determine factors relevant to these corrections. Requirements for I-V measurement of PV devices are laid down in IEC 60904-1 and its relevant subparts.
The PV devices include a single solar cell with or without a protective cover, a sub-assembly of solar cells, or a module. A different set of relevant parameters for I-V curve correction applies for each type of device. The determination of temperature coefficients for a module (or subassembly of cells) may be calculated from single cell measurements, but this is not the case for the internal series resistance and curve correction factor, which should be separately measured for a module or subassembly of cells. Refer to Annex A for alternative procedures for series resistance determination.
The use of I-V correction parameters are valid for the PV device for which they have been measured. Variations may occur within a production lot or the type class.

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SRPS EN 60891:2011


SRPS EN IEC 60891:2022
60.60 Standard published
Oct 31, 2022

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