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SRPS ISO/TR 12748:2020

Natural Gas — Wet gas flow measurement in natural gas operations

Jan 31, 2020

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60.60     Jan 31, 2020



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ISO/TR 12748:2015 describes production flow measurement of wet natural gas streams with WGFMs in surface and subsea facilities. Wet natural gas streams are gas-dominated flows with liquids like water and/or hydrocarbon liquids. ISO/TR 12748:2015 defines terms/symbols, explains the various concepts, and describes best practices of wet gas flow meter design and operation. It addresses metering techniques, testing, installation, commissioning, and operation practices such as maintenance, calibration, and verification. It also provides a theoretical background of this comprehensive, challenging and still evolving measurement technology.

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SRPS ISO/TR 12748:2020
60.60 Standard published
Jan 31, 2020

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Adopted from ISO/TR 12748:2015