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dnaSRPS CLC/TS 50703-1:2021

Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC) - Part 1: Testing requirements for metal sheets' joints used in LPS

General information

50.60     Apr 2, 2021



Technical Specification



This document defines the requirements and testing for joints of metal sheets, with or without insulating coatings, used as natural components in roofs, facades or walls of buildings, suitable to conduct lightning current in LPS where the interconnection of these metal sheets does not ensure durable electrical connection.
NOTE This document does not deal with the lightning interception capabilities of these components. The connection clamps for connecting the metallic sheet with the down conductor to the earth termination system are LPSC, tested according to EN 62561 1.

Life cycle


dnaSRPS CLC/TS 50703-1:2021
50.60 Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat
Apr 2, 2021

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Adopted from CLC/TS 50703-1:2021