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Significant discount for the “Large standard collection”

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia has published a new, so far the most extensive collection of Serbian standards in electronic form. The collection "Large collection of SRPS standards for information security (cyber security)" is a collection of as many as 25 Serbian standards in this field.

The collection includes the following SRPS standards in the Serbian language: SRPS ISO/IEC 27001:2014, SRPS ISO/IEC 27002:2015, SRPS ISO/IEC 27003:2017, SRPS ISO/IEC 27003:2017 and SRPS ISO/IEC 27701:2019, as well as the following SRPS standards published by the endorsement method in English: SRPS ISO/IEC 27000:2018, SRPS ISO/IEC 27005:2019, SRPS ISO/IEC 27007:2020, SRPS ISO/IEC 27011:2018, SRPS ISO/IEC 27013:2018, SRPS ISO/IEC 27017:2019, SRPS ISO/IEC 27018:2019, SRPS ISO/IEC 27021:2019, SRPS ISO/IEC 27031:2013, SRPS ISO/IEC 27035-1:2018, SRPS ISO/IEC 27035-2:2018, SRPS ISO/IEC 29100:2019, SRPS ISO/IEC 30111:2020, SRPS CEN/TS 17631:2021, SRPS EN ISO/IEC 27040:2017, SRPS EN ISO/IEC 27043:2017, SRPS EN ISO/IEC 29134:2020, SRPS EN 17419-1:2021 and  SRPS CEN/TR 17419-2:2021.

In addition to justifying its name, the collection provides an opportunity to purchase all published SRPS standards in the field of information security under extremely favorable conditions. The fee for the collection is 40% of the value of individual standards, which provides an opportunity for all those interested in information technology to apply the best knowledge of information security techniques.

As a special benefit, on the occasion of the International Technology Fair, which lasts until today at the Belgrade Fair, an additional discount of 50% of the fee for this collection has been approved until the end of May.