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Name Standards
fieldworker SRPS ISO 20252:2008 more
fine textue SRPS EN 844-9:2005 more
filter SRPS ISO 20252:2008 more
fill factor 11, fF SRPS ISO 9245:1997 more
fibre saturation point SRPS EN 844-4:2004 more
feed mechanism (of granules) SRPS ISO 8524:2005 more
fastener driving tool SRPS EN 792-13:2008 more
fault modes and effects analysis; FMEA (abbreviation) SRPS IEC 60050(191):1997 more
fat content of milk SRPS ISO 1211:2005 more
extract SRPS ISO 9235:2000 more
external service point SRPS ISO 2789:2008 more
fading SRPS ISO 2424:2004 more
external document supply SRPS ISO 2789:2008 more
extended ćration SRPS ISO 6107-4:2001 more
EXPOSURE SRPS IEC/TR 60788:2009 more
relative flow coefficient, Ф SRPS EN 736-3:2004 more
BEST FOCUS SRPS IEC/TR 60788:2009 more
axial flow fan SRPS ISO 5681:2004 more
archives (1), pl SRPS ISO 5127:2005 more
aircraft warning marker (for conductor and earth wire) SRPS IEC 60050(466):1995 more