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Universal chargers for electronic devices

Thanks to the arrangement of the European Parliament and the European Council, USB-C chargers will become universal chargers for the most commonly used electronic devices on the European market by the end of 2024.

The temporary agreement on the amended Radio Equipment Directive establishes a unique solution for charging specific electronic devices. Under the new regulations, consumers will no longer need new charging cables whenever they buy a portable electronic device. All manufacturers of mobile phones, tablets and similar electronic devices (laptops, e-readers, headphones, digital cameras, handheld consoles for video games and portable speakers) will be required to provide a USB-C port with fast charging. It will contribute to product sustainability, reduce electronic waste and make life easier. Potential annual savings expect to amount to 250 million euros, with 11,000 tons less e-waste.

European standards support the digital and green transition and can play a crucial role in the future development of innovation. The development of harmonized standards for wireless charging of e-devices is also expected by 2026.