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22 June 2022 – New seminar on regulations and standards for energy efficiency of products and eco-design

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia, in cooperation with Idvorski Laboratories, is organizing a new specialized seminar that provides basics on the requirements of several regulations for labeling energy class and energy consumption according to the law on energy efficiency and rational use of energy, as well as eco-design requirements in accordance with the eco-design regulation. In Serbia, the requirements for marking the energy class have been applied since 2014, but after the adoption of the new law in 2021, many product regulations have changed, new energy labels, as well as eco-design requirements have been introduced and are being introduced. All these changes are in line with the new, binding regulations of the European Union, which have been transposed into the legal system of the Republic of Serbia.

This seminar is an opportunity for the participants to get detailed information on the application of regulations for several product groups, the implementation of measurements, the necessary content of technical product documentation, or what information manufacturers or importers are required to provide with the product regarding its energy performance and eco-design, on the verification of these data and products by the inspection in the market surveillance procedure, etc.

At the seminar test methods according to the requirements of the latest editions of the standard or on the basis of transition methods will be demonstrated by: Idvorski Laboratories will demonstrate on-site methods for the first time on new measuring equipment, while three laboratories: Kvalitet a.d. Niš, IEG Industrija električnih grejača and AN LAB CO DOO will present their tests through video recordings.

The seminar provides an opportunity for participants to learn about the requirements of regulations and standards and will address the following topics:

This seminar is intended for:

The lecturers are experts actively engaged in drafting regulations, adopting standards, testing devices and solving problems in the field, as follows:

Dr Mirko Đapić, regular member, Engineering Academy of Serbia (IAS)

Saša Jorgovanović, Director, Idvorski Laboratories d.o.o. Beograd

Predrag Savić, engineer, Idvorski Laboratories d.o.o. Beograd

Nebojša Damnjanović, engineer, Kvalitet a.d. Niš

Mladen Drljača, Director, IEG Industrija električnih grejača Grocka

Dragoslav Đorović, Director, AN LAB CO DOO Beograd

A special benefit for the participants of this seminar is that with their participation they get a 30% discount when buying standards related to energy efficiency and eco-design.