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Completion of the project within the cooperation between the Institute and the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ)

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia and the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ) are cooperating very successfully for the second time within the framework of the Czech program for the development of cooperation entitled “Support for the improvement and development of the Quality Infrastructure Sector in Serbia”. The second cycle of this program started in 2021, and due to the situation with the pandemic, which slowed down the implementation, it was extended until the end of September 2022.

A number of activities were carried out within the project. The documents CEN/TR 17439:2021, Guidelines for the application of EN ISO 19650-1 and EN ISO 19650-2 in Europe and EN ISO 23387, Building Information Modeling (BIM) - Data forms for elements and systems used in the life cycle, have been translated of any built structure - Concepts and principles, which have since been adopted into the national standardization system, a two-day webinar was held with experts from the Czech Republic entitled “Benchmarking on digital transformation based on BIM technology in the Czech Republic”, as well as a webinar on the application of BIM technology in the organization, where an interactive publication translated from Czech to Serbian was presented as part of the project entitled “Introduction of BIM in the organization” (available on our website at the link  Also, a publication titled „BIM standardization in Serbia” was prepared and published in both Serbian and English, available at

The project also supported research on the use of standards and their impact on business in the Republic of Serbia, published in a separate publication and in electronic form (available at . It is the first research in the field of application of standards in organizations in the Republic of Serbia and provided data on the reasons why an organization uses standards, the costs associated with it, the level of knowledge of standards, especially standards from the field of different management systems, as well as the possible participation of organizations in the process of standardization and the process of adoption of standards.

The completion of the project was also marked by the launch of the portal on construction products (available from the home page of our website and at the link The portal provides information on regulations and standards for trading products on the domestic and single European market. It is intended for manufacturers belonging primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as distributors, importers and other experts and users involved in the process of standardization, conformity assessment, testing and approval of products

Such a large number of activities would not have been possible without good cooperation with colleagues from the Czech Republic, and on this occasion we would like to thank them once again for their support and help.