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International workshops for students

As we have announced on several occasions so far, a large project of involving students in standardization activities at the global level is being implemented by ISO, the International Organization for Standardization. Through the organization of online workshops for students from all over the world, but also for their professors, student technical committees are formed for concrete work on the adoption of international student standards. The aim of these workshops is for academics to gain useful information and expand their theoretical knowledge of standards, and at the same time to test themselves in the role of experts who develop standards.

Although five series of these workshops were originally announced, two dates of the sixth series were recently announced. We hope that students who will represent Serbia will apply for these workshops and participate in them on June 25 and 28, despite the season of exam deadlines, which is just beginning.

We remind you that the first series of these workshops was held at the end of last year, and the result so far is the formation of four technical committees: ISINEG/TC 1 Climate change, ISINEG/TC 2 Smart farming, ISINEG/TC 3 Digital economy services and ISINEG/TC 4 Software engineering ethical and professional behavior.

Registration is done on the website of the International Institute for Next Generation Standards ISINEG (