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Invitation to all interested parties

2024 ISS Annual Plan for the Adoption of Serbian Standards and related documents, which will include all standards necessary for interested parties to perform these activities, is in the preparation phase.

ISS, as a full member of the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC, has the obligation to adopt all European standards (EN) as Serbian (SRPS EN) and it does so by adopting them mostly in English. Due to limited resources, ISS is able to publish only a certain number of Serbian standards in the Serbian language, and at the same time, it does its best to ensure that its selection is in accordance with the needs of the users. With this aim, ISS first approached the Ministry of Economy, through which it will send an invitation to all other ministries to submit their proposals. Also, all buyers of standards, seminar participants and other partners of ISS will be invited to express their needs for new Serbian standards.

All interested parties have the opportunity to submit lists of standards and related documents that they propose to be adopted by ISS in the following year. It is desirable that the lists be made in the following form: Link, and that they contain, first of all, new projects or revisions of existing pure national Serbian standards, international standards that need to be adopted in Serbian or English and only those European standards that need to be adopted in Serbian language. In order to make the number of standards adopted in the Serbian language as large as possible, a standing invitation is open to all legal entities that have initial translations of the standards to submit them to the ISS NTCs.

Contact persons at the Institute are:

1. Radiša Knežević, Head of the Department for General Standardization Areas (tel. 011/3409-303, e-mail:, for information on standards in general areas of standardization,

2. Goran Bajić, Head of the Department for Electrotechnical Standardization (tel. 011/3409-380, e-mail:, for information on standards in the field of electrical engineering, information technology and telecommunications.

ISS would like to thank everyone who contributed for their cooperation, as well as those who will contribute to the development of national standardization in the future.