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ISS Assembly online meeting, 16 December 2020

After the second regular session of the ISS Assembly in 2020, organized by correspondence in the preriod from 27 October to 26 November, the meeting of the ISS Assembly members followed. This meeting was held on Wednesday, 16 December, and due to the current situation and obiding by the protective measures against the pandemic, it was held online. This meeting was attended by the representatives of the active ISS members and ISS top management.

The agenda of the meeting included informing the ISS Assembly members of the voting results at the second regular session of the ISS Assembly, as well as reporting on the accomplished ISS results and goals in 2020. The meeting was opened by the ISS Assembly Chairperson, Ms. Dejana Milinković, who reported to the participants about the voting results. After that, Tatjana Bojanić, ISS Director addressed the audience, and the Assistent Directors presented the ISS work and activities in 2020.

Goran Bajić, the Assistant Director of the Department for Electrotechnical Standardization presented the work of his Department. His presentation referred to the Electropedia and the Workplan for 2021, digital transformation, as well as reporting on the change in the organization chart of his Department. In the future, this Department will consist of the following organizational units: Division for Telecommunications and Information Technologies and the Division for Enegry and Electronics.

Violeta Nešković-Popović, the Assustant Director of the Department for International Cooperation, Information and Publishing, informed the participants about the development and maintenance of the standardized terms database, which is available to all ISS website visitors. Also, she presented the statistics on the number of adopted Serbian standards and documents published during this year, as well as the activities undertaken related to the international cooperation and the functioning of the ISS Information Center.

Jelena Dojčin, the Assistant Director of the Department for Legal, Financial and Common Affairs reported to the audience about the financing of ISS, planned and spent funds from the budget and from the realized own revenues. She also presented the documents adopted during the year, as well as the improvement of the information system for data management on Serbian standards and related documents.

Radiša Knežević, the Assistant Director of the Department for General Standardization, reported on the work of his Department. His presentation included activities related to standards development process, NTC meetings (preparation of standards interpretation, participation in the Ministries WGs, etc). The goals for the upcoming period were also emphasized: increasing the number of standards adopted in Serbian language, monitoring and applying the trends set by the European and International standardization organizations, increasing the number of NTC members and greater participation of Serbian experts in the European and International TCs.