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ISS at the 46th International Building Trade Fair

In cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PKS), representatives of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS) attended the 46th International Building Trade Fair in Belgrade on 28 April, 2022. This fair as a specialized international event, whose participants are all eminent domestic and foreign construction manufacturers, distributors and traders of equipment and materials, is an opportunity to present ISS activities in this area, as well as answer questions about standards and standardization.

Some of the publications we have presented, and are also available online on our website:

Cooperation has been agreed with the Regional Chamber of Commerce from Kruševac in order to support the manufacturing industry in the region. Entrepreneurs will be presented with European standards and regulations, as well as recommendations for the harmonization with the European market using standards. In this way, we continued another type of cooperation with PKS and promoted the existing service of the Infocenter in the Regional Chambers of Commerce, which you can read about at the link:

Tatjana Bojanic, ISS Director, also visited the fair, thanked the representatives of PKS for their hospitality and wonderful cooperation and gave an interview to the local television Kruševac about the role of ISS in the construction industry, as well as the announced cooperation between ISS and the regional chambers.