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New terminology in statistics

A large number of standards from a wide variety of fields call for the application of certain statistical methods in appropriate research, tests, measurements and calculations. In the normative references of a large number of standards, the standard ISO 3534-1:2006, Statistics — Vocabulary and symbols — Part 1: General statistical terms and terms used in probability, is mentioned, and its translation into Serbian language is currently in the draft phase (naSRPS ISO 3534-1). Since the beginning of November, it has been publicly available for reading and commenting at the following link:, with prior registration (opened account on the website). Access to the original document containing terms in English and French is also provided.

naSRPS ISO 3534-1 has a well-defined set of terms used in probability and statistics that are essential to the development and effective use of statistical standards. The definitions given in it are sufficiently precise and mathematically sophisticated to enable those developing statistical standards to avoid ambiguity. 

This draft standard was prepared by the ISS NTC KS A012, Quantities, units and measuring instruments ( The draft was adopted in the period when the review of this standard at the international level is being completed for the third time. The members of the ISS NTC KS A012, experts who apply statistical methods in their work, appeal to the professional public to use the possibility of free access to this document and to help improve the quality of the definitive text of the translation, which will be the content of the new Serbian standard, together with their proposals, suggestions and comments.