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naSRPS EN 16005:2020

Power operated pedestrian doorsets - Safety in use - Requirements and test methods

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Adopted from prEN 16005

Replaces SRPS EN 16005:2013

Replaces SRPS EN 16005:2013/AC:2017

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40.20     Nov 12, 2020

40.60    Jan 12, 2021






European Norm



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1. Preliminary
2. Proposal
3. Preparatory
4. Committee

5. Enquiry

40.20 DIS ballot initiated: 12 weeks
6. Approval
7. Publication
8. Review
9. Withdrawal


This document specifies requirements regarding design and test methods for external and internal power operated pedestrian doorsets. Such doorset constructions may be operated electro-mechanically, electro-hydraulically or pneumatically. This document covers safety in use of power operated pedestrian doorsets used for normal access as well as in emergency and escape routes and as fire resistance and/or smoke control doorsets. The type of doorsets covered include power operated pedestrian sliding, swing and revolving doorsets, including balanced doorsets and folding doorsets with a horizontally moving leaf. Power operated pass doorsets for which the main intended use is giving safe access for persons incorporated in other doors are covered by the scope of this document. This document deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to power operated doorsets when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer (see Annex J). All lifetime phases of the power operated pedestrian doorsets including transportation, assembly, dismantling, disabling and scrapping are considered by this document. This document does not apply to: - vertically moving doors; - doors on lifts; - doors on vehicles; - power operated doors or gates mainly intended for vehicular traffic or access for goods; - doors used in industrial processes; - partition walls; - doors outside the reach of people (such as crane gantry fences); - turnstiles; - platform doors. This document does not cover special functions of doorsets, such as security in banks, airports, etc. or fire compartments, where conformity of the specific function with requirements of the application shall have the preference. This document does not deal with any specific requirements on noise emitted from power operated pedestrian doorsets as their noise emission is not considered to be a relevant hazard. NOTE Noise emission of power operated pedestrian doorsets is not a significant hazard for the users of these products. It is a comfort aspect. This document is not applicable to power operated pedestrian doorsets manufactured before the date of its publication. This document does not cover operation in environments where there is a risk of explosion.

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Power operated pedestrian doorsets - Safety in use - Requirements and test methods

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