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SRPS EN ISO 21177:2024

Intelligent transport systems - ITS station security services for secure session establishment and authentication between trusted devices (ISO 21177:2024)

Apr 30, 2024

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60.60     Apr 30, 2024



European Norm

03.220.01     35.240.60     35.030  




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This document contains specifications for a set of ITS station security services required to ensure the authenticity of the source and integrity of information exchanged between trusted entities, i.e.:
—     between devices operated as bounded secured managed entities, i.e. "ITS Station Communication Units" (ITS-SCU) and "ITS station units" (ITS-SU) as specified in ISO 21217; and
—     between ITS-SUs (composed of one or several ITS-SCUs) and external trusted entities such as sensor and control networks.
These services include the authentication and secure session establishment which are required to exchange information in a trusted and secure manner.
These services are essential for many intelligent transport system (ITS) applications and services, including time-critical safety applications, automated driving, remote management of ITS stations (ISO 24102-2), and roadside/infrastructure-related services.

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SRPS EN ISO 21177:2023


SRPS EN ISO 21177:2024
60.60 Standard published
Apr 30, 2024

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Adopted from EN ISO 21177:2024 IDENTICAL

Adopted from ISO 21177:2024 IDENTICAL