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SRPS EN ISO 14915-3:2007

Software ergonomics for multimedia user interfaces - Part 3: Media selection and combination (ISO 14915-3:2002)

Jul 25, 2007
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard   Jul 31, 2023

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95.99     Jul 31, 2023



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13.180     35.080     35.200  




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ISO 14915-3:2002 gives recommendations for, and guidance on, the design, selection and combination of interactive user interfaces that integrate and synchronize different media. It addresses user interfaces for applications that incorporate, integrate and synchronize different media. This includes static media such as text, graphics, images; and dynamic media such as audio, animation, video or media related to other sensory modalities. Detailed design issues within a single medium (e.g. the graphical design of an animation sequence) are only addressed as far as they imply ergonomic consequences for the user.

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SRPS EN ISO 14915-3:2007
95.99 Withdrawal of Standard
Jul 31, 2023

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Adopted from EN ISO 14915-3:2002

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