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delSRPS CEN ISO/TR 19441:2017

Petroleum products - Density vs. temperature relationships of current fuels, biofuels and biofuel components

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30.98     Feb 13, 2024



Technical Report



usvojen na 35. sednici


ISO/TR 19441:2018 lists and describes recent density measurements at different temperatures for biofuel components and biofuel blends such as gasoline E5, E10, E85 and biodiesel B100, B7, as well as domestic heating oils and paraffinic diesel fuels.
ISO/TR 19441:2018 can be used to calculate <alpha15>, the thermal expansion coefficient from a given temperature to 15 °C. This document can also serve to compare several aspects of density/temperature modelling and to check for compliance with and limitations in relation to existing calibration requirements. It can help in the determination of specific necessities for the grouping of fuels into common product family classes, also suggesting ways to treat fuels or components with an unusual behaviour. In addition, this document proposes possible steps for an internationally harmonized handling of new components coming into the market.

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delSRPS CEN ISO/TR 19441:2017
30.98 Project deleted
Feb 13, 2024

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