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dna SRPS CLC IEC/TS 60034-32:2021

Rotating electrical machines - Part 32: Measurement of stator end-winding vibration at form-wound windings

General information

50.60     Jul 9, 2021



Technical Specification



IEC TS 60034-32:2016(E) is intended to provide consistent guidelines for measuring and reporting end-winding vibration behaviour during operation and at standstill. It

- defines terms for measuring, analysis and evaluation of stator end-winding vibration and related structural dynamics;

- gives guidelines for measuring dynamic / structural characteristics offline and stator end-winding vibrations online;

- describes instrumentation and installation practices for end-winding vibration measurement equipment;

- establishes general principles for documentation of test results;

- describes the theoretical background of stator end-winding vibrations. This part of IEC 60034 is applicable to three-phase synchronous generators and three-phase synchronous direct online (DOL) motors.

Life cycle


dna SRPS CLC IEC/TS 60034-32:2021
50.60 Close of voting. Proof returned by secretariat
Jul 9, 2021

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Adopted from CLC IEC/TS 60034-32:2021