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SRPS EN 12873-3:2019

Influence of materials on water intended for human consumption - Influence due to migration - Part 3: Test method for ion exchange and adsorbent resins

May 31, 2019

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90.20     Apr 15, 2024

90.60    Sep 2, 2024



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13.060.20     67.250  




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This document specifies a procedure to determine the migration of substances from ion exchange, adsorbent or hybrid resin materials for use in contact with water intended for human consumption.
Resins comprise synthetic organic macromolecular materials.
This standard is applicable to resins of the following types:
- ion exchange resins: used to modify the composition of water (e.g. softening by removal of calcium ions). They can be in either an anionic or cationic state;
- adsorbent resins: used to lower the concentration of undesirable substances (usually organic pollutants) from water. They are used in a neutral state;
- hybrid adsorbers: Organic polymer based ion exchange resin or adsorbent resin with incorporated inorganic (e.g. iron hydroxide) or second organic phase. Used to lower the concentration of undesirable substances (specific inorganic or organic pollutants) from water. They can be in either an anionic, cationic or neutral state.

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SRPS EN 12873-3:2008


SRPS EN 12873-3:2019
90.20 Standard under periodical review
Apr 15, 2024

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Adopted from EN 12873-3:2019


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