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22 February 2021 – New ISS online training – How to achieve customer satisfaction with the application of standards – Recommendations and solving problems in practice

All organizations that provide products, processes and services to customers and establish market relations with them must comply with the Consumer Protection Law. However, even the most successful can face complaints from their users. Good practice implies that organizations have clearly defined processes that will prevent complaints from occurring at all, and then the processes by which they will respond to customer complaints.

In this area, in 2020, ISS published a series of new editions of standards related to customer satisfaction. These are the standards SRPS ISO 10001, SRPS ISO 10002, SRPS ISO 10003 and SRPS ISO 10004, and on the occasion of their publication, a promotional webinar was held, where the issue of how to increase customer satisfaction by applying these standards was presented and discussed.

ISS has prepared a practical online training for its users, where national experts will talk about how organizations should deal with the customer complaints in order to improve their processes, products or services. And not only that - this is an opportunity to improve the reputation of the organization itself, regardless of its size, location and sector, by overcoming the correct handling of complaints.

Who is this training intended for? This online training is intended for all interested parties, especially owners and directors of small and medium enterprises, managers of integrated management systems, sales managers, employees in the human resources sector, marketing, as well as others who have direct and indirect contact with customers or are involved in dealing with complaints.

Online training includes problem solving and practical examples, and the following topics will be covered separately: • Overview of standards SRPS ISO 10001, SRPS ISO 10002, SRPS ISO 10003 and SRPS ISO 10004 • Customer relations and how to improve them by applying standards • What are the codes of conduct for users • How to deal with customer complaints • Why it is important to constantly understand customer satisfaction • Applying standards to improve customer relationships • Knowledge activation - Case study - Problem solving in practice

The lecturers: Dr Ivana Mijatović, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, NTC I1/07 member, and mr Mirjana Mirković-Đorđević, Head of the Division for chemical technologies, agriculture, forestry, safety, environment and general standards and NTC CASCO Secretary.