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CEN-CENELEC Strategy 2030

CEN and CENELEC, European Organizations for Standardization are, as the exclusive providers of the voluntary European Standards and related products, responsible for the development and adoption of common standards that are applied across the EU and European Free Trade Association (EFTA). European standards (EN) are market-driven and their application facilitates international trade, encourage innovation and technological development as well as contribute to economic growth.

CEN and CENELEC have just published the document Strategy 2030, which outlines the direction of the future development of the European standardization in the modern, dynamic environment. This document identifies two trends, i.e. the green and digital transitions as the drivers of significant changes. The digitalization presents a major change in everyday life and at the same time offers numerous solutions and business opportunities. It also implies large investments and bears risks that have raised concerns particularly related to privacy and information security. On the other hand, climate change and the impact of the environment on products, services and processes are the factors that must not be ignored in the development of new standards.

Taking into account the challenges ahead, as well as the opportunities for further growth and development, the focus of the European Standardization in the next decade will be achieving the following five strategic goals:

  1. EU and EFTA recognize and use the strategic value of the European standardization system
  2. Customers and stakeholders benefit from the state-of-the-art digital solutions
  3. Increasing the use and awareness of CEN and CENELEC deliverables
  4. The CEN and CENELEC system to be the preferred choice for standardization in Europe
  5. Strengthening the CEN and CENELEC leadership and ambition at the International level.

Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), having the full membership status in CEN and CENELEC from 1 January 2017, cooperates with these organizations, representing the interests of the Republic of Serbia and follows up the work of the European technical committees. ISS adopts European standards in the national standardization system (SRPS EN standards), which, in return, facilitates the business entities in our country the harmonization and coordination with the European market business rules.

Strategy 2030 can be downloaded at this link: