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Earth Day

International Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April, since 1970, with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of preserving nature and preventing the negative consequences of human activities on the environment.

Experts warn that a large number of plant and animal species around the world are on the verge of extinction, which leads to serious damage to the entire eco-system and biological diversity. As the key causes of species extinction, biologists cite habitat destruction due to uncontrolled exploitation of all sources, industrial development, increased energy consumption, global warming, climate change, as well as general environmental pollution.

Bearing in mind the changes caused by man through the development of industry, the priority of European and world standardization is the green transition. The protection of the planet Earth and the fight against climate change constitute the main goal that is included in all the strategic documents of the standardization organizations. Green transition is one of the main goals of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, prescribed by its strategic documents. ISS also monitors European and global activities regarding the green transition and helps the domestic economy to adapt to new requirements, raising awareness of the importance of applying new standards, with the aim of preserving the natural environment and the entire planet.