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ISS organized the first seminar in 2023

Cooperation with higher education institutions is one of the regular activities planned in the ISS Annual Work Program.

ISS has many years of successful cooperation with the „Beogradska politehnika“, which today is one of the four departments of the Belgrade Academy of Technical Vocational Studies (ATSSB). The visit of the students of this educational institution to ISS is already traditionally carried out as part of practical classes and represents an opportunity for them to become more familiar with standardization.

This year, a seminar for ATSSB students was held on 11 January, and 20 second- and third-year students, 12 of them from the Quality Management System course and 8 from the Management System Establishment and Integration course, led by the professor and assistants in these courses, were guests of the Institute on that occasion.

In the two-hour gathering, three presentations on the topics most important to them were held - they were introduced to the activity and organization of the Institute, current events related to the series of standards for management systems, as well as the process of adopting standards at the national, European and international level. After that, the international organization ISINEG was presented, which organizes special workshops for students with the aim of including them in student technical committees. A dozen ATSSB students have already expressed their desire to participate in the work of these committees, and most of the others will make a decision later, given that it is a long-term project.

Due to the mutual interest in educating new generations about standardization, it has been announced that another such seminar will be held in 2023 for ATSSB students.