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New Serbian standards on air quality

The Regulation on measurements of emissions of pollutants into the air from stationary source emissions ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 5/2016) prescribes the manner and methodology of measuring emissions of pollutants from stationary source emissions, the procedure for evaluating results and compliance with prescribed standards, as well as the method of measuring the emission of pollutants. This regulation refers to a number of standards that define methods for periodic and continuous measurement of emissions of pollutants into the air and parameters of the state of waste gases. One of these standards has just been revised.

SRPS EN 16429 (en), Stationary source emissions - Reference method for the determination of the concentration of gaseous hydrogen chloride (HCl) in waste gases emitted by industrial installations into the atmosphere specifies the standard reference method (SRM) based on an automatic method for determination of the mass concentration of hydrogen chloride (HCl) in ducts and stacks emitting to the atmosphere. This standard (available on the link: specifies the characteristics to be determined and the performance criteria to be fulfilled by portable automated measuring systems (P-AMS) using the infrared measurement method.

Council Directive 98/24/EC of 7 April 1998 on the protection of the health and safety of workers from the risks related to chemical agents at work is a European document that provides for the development of indicative and binding limit values for occupational exposure to chemical agents, as well as biological limit values. The employer must determine whether hazardous chemical agents are present in the workplace, by performing a safety and health risk assessment.

The new edition of SRPS EN 482 (en), Workplace exposure - Procedures for the determination of the concentration of chemical agents - Basic performance requirements, specifies basic performance requirements for procedures for the determination of the concentration of chemical agents in workplace atmospheres as required by the Chemical Agents Directive 98/24/EC.

These standards were adopted by ISS NTC H146, Air quality (