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SMART standards – standards of the future

Technological innovations and the global digitization trend have led to users of standards starting to look for more innovative ways to apply them. The electronic format has been replacing paper for some time, and it is expected that soon it will be possible to use the standard by machines and without human intervention. 

With this intention, the International Organization for Standardization created a joint ISO - IEC SMART program that will enable the content of the standard to be used by computers, complex machines and small intelligent devices. The new generation of „smart“ standards will allow insight into ISO and IEC standards throughout their entire life cycle. However, the SMART program does not foresee the conversion of all standards because the content of many is not suitable for this, so the paper and pdf format will still be available.

In order to identify and better understand the needs, ISO and IEC strive to collect and consolidate the experiences of users around the world. We invite you to get involved and help the authors of the SMART program in preparing appropriate digital solutions.

The deadlines for submitting user stories are 28 February and 26 April, 2023.

What is expected of you?

It is necessary to answer the questions: who, what and why in a simple way, in just one sentence

The idea is that this innovative program meets the needs of all stakeholders, as well as society as a whole.