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Three new standards ref. to crisis situation

Organizing free webinars, issuing guidelines and recommendations, as well as by own example, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS) provided its users and customers useful advice how to maintain the business continuity in the current, as well as any other crisis situation. We are living in the challenging and ever changing times, when the life and existance of a company depends on its ability to adapt to the changes and risks.

Due to the pandemic outburst, many companies had to cease their business activities, and quite a few will have a long recovery period. A small number will remain undamaged. Considering the growing threats that such crisis situations could be more frequent in the future, if we have not already learned something from the current crisis, now is the right time to find out what steps must be taken to prepare for the future. Many will somehow find a way out of the current situation, but to endure unprepared something like this more than once.... is a thing that responsible companies should not allow to happen.

The basis for all advice in reference with ensuring business continuity in crisis situations is in the standard ISO 22301, Security and resilience - Business continuity management systems – Requirements, published by ISO at the end of last year. This standard was published and announced in the last Decision on published and withdrawn standards (SRPS EN ISO 22301:2020). It was adopted in English language, and the draft in Serbian is available to the customers. Standard draft is in the public enquiry stage from the end of April, and its publication is expected soon. This document specifies the requirements to implement, maintain and improve a management system to be protected against, reduce the likelihood and occurance of, prepare for, respond to and recover from the disruptions when they arise.

In addition to this standard, ISS announced also in the April edition of the Decision on published and withdrawn standards, the standard SRPS EN ISO 22320:2020, Security and resilience — Emergency management — Guidelines for incident management, as well as SRPS EN ISO 22395:2020, Security and resilience — Community resilience — Guidelines for supporting vulnerable persons in an emergency.

ISS was also proactive during and after the state of emergency by organizing 7 free-of-charge webinars, aimed mostly at helping the customers in establishing and improving the business continuity management, communication in crisis times, but also how to deal with and resolve customer complaints. These webinars were attended by more than 500 participants, and detailed information about them are available at the News&Events.