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IEC 60335-2-95:2023 ED5

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-95: Particular requirements for drives for vertically moving garage doors for residential use
15. 12. 2023.

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60.60     15. 12. 2023.


TC 61

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13.120     29.120.01     91.090  




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IEC 60335-2-95:2023 deals with the safety of electric drives for garage doors for residential use that open and close in a vertical direction, the rated voltage of the drives being not more than 250 V for single-phase appliances and 480 V for other appliances, including direct current (DC) supplied appliances and battery-operated appliances. It also covers the hazards associated with the movement of these electrically driven garage doors.
The drive can be supplied with a garage door.
This standard also applies to entrapment protection devices for use with drives. It does not cover hazards related to the mechanisms of the door itself.
As far as is practicable, this standard deals with the common hazards presented by appliances that are encountered by all persons in and around the home. However, in general, it does not take into account playing with the appliance by young children, but recognizes that children can be in the vicinity of the garage door.
For appliances intended to be used in vehicles or on board ships or aircraft, additional requirements can be necessary. In many countries, additional requirements are specified by the national health authorities, the national authorities responsible for the protection of labour, the national water supply authorities and similar authorities.
This standard does not apply to drives
– for shutters, awnings, blinds and similar equipment (IEC 60335-2-97);
– for gates, doors and windows (IEC 60335-2-103);
– for commercial and industrial purposes;
– intended to be used in locations where special conditions prevail, such as the presence of a corrosive or explosive atmosphere (dust, vapour or gas).
This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition published in 2019. This edition constitutes a technical revision.
This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) the text has been aligned with IEC 60335-1:2020;
b) scope includes DC-supplied appliances and battery-operated appliances (Clause 1);
c) some notes have been converted to normative text (Clause 1, 7.12.1, 7.101, 20.103, 20.107, 22.104);
d) application of test probe 19 has been introduced (8.1.1, 20.2);
e) addition of surface temperatures for external accessible surfaces (11.3, 11.8);
f) requirements are added for drives intended for permanent connection delivered with a connector to ease the installation (22.110, 24.1.101, 25.3);
g) clarification for connectors that are non-detachable once engaged (24.1.5).
This part 2 is to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of IEC 60335-1 and its amendments unless that edition precludes it; in that case, the latest edition that does not preclude it is used. It was established on the basis of the sixth edition (2020) of that standard.

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IEC 60335-2-95:2019 ED4


IEC 60335-2-95:2023 ED5
60.60 Standard objavljen
15. 12. 2023.