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ISO 20643:2005

Mechanical vibration — Hand-held and hand-guided machinery — Principles for evaluation of vibration emission
2. 2. 2005.

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90.93     16. 9. 2019.


ISO/TC 118/SC 3

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ISO 20643:2005 provides the basis for the drafting of vibration test codes for hand-held and hand-guided power-driven machinery. It specifies the determination of hand-transmitted vibration emission in terms of frequency-weighted root-mean-square (r.m.s.) acceleration during type testing. For machines where vibration test codes do not exist, it can also be used for determination of emission values and contains sufficient guidance for designing an appropriate test. It is applicable to hand-held power tools (e.g. chipping hammers, sanders), hand-guided powered machines (e.g. lawn mowers, single-axle tractors, vibratory rollers), and other types of powered machines fitted with handles, guiding beams or similar means of control, of all power sources (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, internal combustion engine, etc.). It is not applicable to fixed machinery in which the vibration is transmitted to the hands of the user through the workpiece, nor to vibration transmitted from steering wheels or control levers of mobile machinery where the operator's position is on the machine.

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ISO 20643:2005
90.93 Odluka o potvrđivanju standarda
16. 9. 2019.


ISO 20643:2005/Amd 1:2012


ISO/PWI 20643

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Mehaničke vibracije - Ručne i ručno vođene mašine - Principi za ocenjivanje emisije vibracija

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