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ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008

Information technology — Process assessment — Part 7: Assessment of organizational maturity
25. 11. 2008.
95.99 Povučen   3. 3. 2015.

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95.99     3. 3. 2015.



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ISO/IEC 15504 provides a framework for the assessment of processes. This framework can be used by organizations involved in planning, managing, monitoring, controlling, and improving the acquisition, supply, development, operation, evolution and support of products and services.
ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008 defines the conditions for an assessment of organizational maturity; it defines a framework for determining organizational maturity, based upon profiles of process capability derived from process assessment, and defines the conditions under which such assessments are valid.
ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008, organizational maturity is an expression of the extent to which an organization consistently implements processes within a defined scope that contributes to the achievement of its business goals (current or projected). An Organizational Maturity Model is based upon one or more specified Process Assessment Model(s), and addresses the domains and contexts for use of the Process Reference Model(s) from which the Process Assessment Model(s) are derived.
The assessment of organizational maturity is undertaken through the performance of process assessment as specified in ISO/IEC 15504-2. Specific conditions are defined in ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008 relating to the process scope of the organizational maturity assessment, the organizational scope of the assessment (which has to be specified as representing the elements characterised by the organizational maturity rating), and the data collection strategy (which needs to ensure that the results of the assessment are representative of the organizational scope). On completion of the assessment, the set of process profiles established for the organization determine the rating of the level of organizational maturity based on the framework defined in ISO/IEC 15504-7, as specified in the relevant Organizational Maturity Model.
ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008 also contains guidance on implementing the requirements for constructing an Organizational Maturity Model; on performing assessments of organizational maturity; and on the application of organizational maturity ratings for process improvement and capability determination.

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ISO/IEC TR 15504-7:2008
95.99 Povučen
3. 3. 2015.


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Informaciona tehnologija - Ocenjivanje procesa - Deo 7: Ocenjivanje razvijenosti organizacije

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