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ISO 27913:2016

Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage — Pipeline transportation systems
27. 10. 2016.

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90.92     17. 3. 2022.


ISO/TC 265

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ISO 27913:2016 specifies additional requirements and recommendations not covered in existing pipeline standards for the transportation of CO2 streams from the capture site to the storage facility where it is primarily stored in a geological formation or used for other purposes (e.g. for EOR or CO2 use).
ISO 27913:2016 applies to
- rigid metallic pipelines,
- pipeline systems,
- onshore and offshore pipelines for the transportation of CO2 streams,
- conversion of existing pipelines for the transportation of CO2 streams,
- pipeline transportation of CO2 streams for storage or utilization, and
- transportation of CO2 in the gaseous and dense phases.
The system boundary (see Figure 1) between capture and transportation is the point at the inlet valve of the pipeline, where the composition, temperature and pressure of the CO2 stream is within a certain specified range by the capture process or processes to meet the requirements for transportation as described in this document.
The boundary between transportation and storage is the point where the CO2 stream leaves the transportation pipeline infrastructure and enters the storage infrastructure.
ISO 27913:2016 also includes aspects of CO2 stream quality assurance, as well as converging CO2 streams from different sources.
Health, safety and environment aspects specific to CO2 transport and monitoring are considered.

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ISO 27913:2016
90.92 Odluka o izmeni ili reviziji standarda
17. 3. 2022.


ISO/FDIS 27913