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prSRPS ISO/TS 55010:2023

Menadžment imovinom - Smernice za usklađivanje finansijskih i nefinansijskih funkcija u menadžmentu imovinom

Asset management — Guidance on the alignment of financial and non-financial functions in asset management

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10.99     1. 1. 2023.



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This document gives guidelines for the alignment between financial and non-financial asset management functions, in order to improve internal control as part of an organization's management system. Alignment of these functions will enable the realization of value derived from the implementation of asset management detailed within ISO 55000, ISO 55001 and ISO 55002, particularly ISO 55002:2018, Annex F.
The guidance in this document is consistent with the requirements of ISO 55001 for an asset management system but does not add new requirements to ISO 55001 or provide interpretations of the requirements of ISO 55001.
For an example of an organization aligning its asset management functions, see Annex F.

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prSRPS ISO/TS 55010:2023
10.99 Novi projekat se prihvata
1. 1. 2023.

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