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dnaSRPS EN IEC 62305-1:2023

Zaštita od atmosferskog pražnjenja — Deo 1: Opšti principi

Protection against lightning - Part 1: General principles

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50.60     20. 10. 2023.



Evropski standard

91.120.40     29.020     29.02  



This part of IEC 62305 provides general principles for the protection of structures against lightning, including their installations and contents, as well as persons.
The following cases are outside the scope of this document:
- railway systems;
- vehicles, ships, aircraft, offshore installations;
- underground high-pressure pipelines;
− pipe, power and telecommunication lines placed outside the structure;
− nuclear power plants.
NOTE 1 In these cases, structures usually fall under special regulations produced by various specialized authorities. The IEC 62305 series is generally considered as a minimum requirement for these structures. For structures (subsidiary or others) not falling under such special regulations, IEC 62305 still applies.
NOTE 2 Lightning protection of wind turbines is also covered by IEC 61400-24 [14].
NOTE 3 Until any further information by CIGRE is available the lightning current parameters described in this standard may be applied also for offshore installations.

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dnaSRPS EN IEC 62305-1:2023
50.60 Završetak postupka odobravanja definitivnog teksta nacrta standarda
20. 10. 2023.

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