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prSRPS ISO 12647-2:2020

Grafička tehnologija - Kontrola procesa za proizvodnju razdvajanja boje na pola tona, dokaza i proizvodnih kopija - Deo 2: Litografski procesi

Graphic technology — Process control for the production of half-tone colour separations, proof and production prints — Part 2: Offset lithographic processes

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10.99     1. 1. 2020.



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Standard je preveden i nalazi se u fazi "10.99 Unet u program rada".

PLAN 2020


ISO 12647-2:2013 specifies a number of process parameters and their values to be applied when producing colour separations, printing formes and print production for four-colour sheet-fed and web-fed offset printing presses excluding coldset offset lithography on newsprint.
The parameters and values are chosen in view of the typical process covering the process stages "colour separation", "proof production", "making of the printing forme", "OK print" and "production printing" on all kinds of commercially available production substrates.
ISO 12647-2:2013:
is directly applicable to press proof prints and printing processes that use colour separation printing formes as input;
is applicable to press proof prints and printing processes with more than four process colours as long as direct analogies to four-colour printing are maintained, such as for data and screening, for print substrates and printing parameters;
is applicable to printing on cardboard material for packaging;
is applicable for all kinds of drying methods such as heat-set, infrared, and ultraviolet;
provides references for quality assurance and quality management.

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prSRPS ISO 12647-2:2020
10.99 Novi projekat se prihvata
1. 1. 2020.

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