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IEC 62282-4-202:2023 ED1

Fuel cell technologies - Part 4-202: Fuel cell power systems for propulsion and auxiliary power units - Unmanned aircrafts - Performance test methods
17. 10. 2023.

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60.60     17. 10. 2023.


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IEC 62282-4-202:2023 covers performance test methods of fuel cell power systems intended to be used to power unmanned aircrafts, including general requirements, start-up, shutdown, power output, continuous running time, electric efficiency, data transmission, warning and monitoring, environmental compatibility, etc.
The scope of this document is limited to electrically powered unmanned aircrafts with a maximum take-off mass not exceeding 150 kg (i.e. level 5 or lower unmanned aircrafts (UAs)).
This document applies to fuel cell power systems with a rated output voltage not exceeding 220 V DC for outdoor use.
This document applies only to compressed gaseous hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power systems.

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IEC 62282-4-202:2023 ED1
60.60 Standard objavljen
17. 10. 2023.

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60.60 Standard objavljen