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ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008

Guide for specification of product properties and classes — Part 3: Experience gained
27. 2. 2008.

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ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008 provides general advice and guidance for the description of products and their characteristics by the use of ISO 13584 and IEC 61360 for the creation of computer processable product libraries, catalogues and reference dictionaries. This description will provide the details of the products and their properties in an unambiguous manner, capable of computer communication in a form that is independent of any proprietary application software. The term “product” is taken to include devices, processes, systems, installations, etc. ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008 is intended to assist in the objective of enabling the flow of technical information between internal and external business partners in a cost effective and timely manner.
The guidance in ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008 is intended to assist the following groups:

convenors and members of ISO technical committees;
technical experts contributing their knowledge to the development of reference dictionaries, data bases and product libraries;
information experts responsible for the generation of applications of ISO 13584, particularly related to standardized reference dictionaries;
managers and technical experts in the manufacturing industry.

ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008 is intended to provide practical information of the experience gained in the creation of product reference dictionaries within ISO and IEC. ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008 is intended for information only, in areas such as education.
The following are within the scope of ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008:

experience of developing a reference dictionary for cutting tools;
experience of developing a reference dictionary for electronic components;
experience of creating a system for the maintenance of a reference dictionary for measuring instruments;
experience of developing a reference dictionary for fasteners.

The following are outside the scope of ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008:

an overview for ISO technical committees and industrial managers for the development of computer-processable product libraries, reference dictionaries and catalogues;
technical guidance for the creation of product libraries and dictionaries.

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ISO/IEC Guide 77-3:2008
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3. 9. 2021.