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ISO 16904:2016

Petroleum and natural gas industries — Design and testing of LNG marine transfer arms for conventional onshore terminals
12. 2. 2016.

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90.93     7. 6. 2021.


ISO/TC 67/SC 9

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ISO 16904:2016 specifies the design, minimum safety requirements and inspection and testing procedures for liquefied natural gas (LNG) marine transfer arms intended for use on conventional onshore LNG terminals, handling LNG carriers engaged in international trade. It can provide guidance for offshore and coastal operations. It also covers the minimum requirements for safe LNG transfer between ship and shore.
Although the requirements for power/control systems are covered, this International Standard does not include all the details for the design and fabrication of standard parts and fittings associated with transfer arms.
ISO 16904:2016 is supplementary to local or national standards and regulations and is additional to the requirements of ISO 28460.
ISO 16904:2016 needs not be applied to existing facilities.

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ISO 16904:2016
90.93 Odluka o potvrđivanju standarda
7. 6. 2021.

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