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ISO 19882:2018

Gaseous hydrogen — Thermally activated pressure relief devices for compressed hydrogen vehicle fuel containers
28. 11. 2018.

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90.92     12. 2. 2021.


ISO/TC 197

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43.060.40     27.075  




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This document establishes minimum requirements for pressure relief devices intended for use on hydrogen fuelled vehicle fuel containers that comply with ISO 19881, IEC 62282-4-101, ANSI HGV 2, CSA B51 Part 2, EC79/EU406, SAE J2579, or the UN GTR No. 13.
The scope of this document is limited to thermally activated pressure relief devices installed on fuel containers used with fuel cell grade hydrogen according to SAE J2719 or ISO 14687 for fuel cell land vehicles, and Grade A or better hydrogen according to ISO 14687 for internal combustion engine land vehicles. This document also contains requirements for thermally activated pressure relief devices acceptable for use on-board light duty vehicles, heavy duty vehicles and industrial powered trucks such as forklifts and other material handling vehicles, as it pertains to UN GTR No. 13.
Pressure relief devices designed to comply with this document are intended to be used with high quality hydrogen fuel such as fuel complying with SAE J2719 or ISO 14687 Type 1 Grade D.
Pressure relief devices can be of any design or manufacturing method that meets the requirements of this document.
This document does not apply to reseating, resealing, or pressure activated devices.
Documents which apply to hydrogen fuel vehicles and hydrogen fuel subsystems include IEC 62282- 4- 101, SAE J2578 and SAE J2579.
Annex A presents an informative record of recommended fuel container, fuel storage subsystem and vehicle level requirements. The statements in Annex A are intended as recommendations for consideration of inclusion by the organizations and committees developing standards on these sub system and vehicle level standards.
Annex B presents a rationale for the design qualification tests in this document.

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ISO 19882:2018
90.92 Odluka o izmeni ili reviziji standarda
12. 2. 2021.


ISO/DIS 19882