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ISO/TS 7637-4:2020

Road Vehicles — Electrical disturbance by conduction and coupling — Part 4: Electrical transient conduction along shielded high voltage supply lines only
6. 5. 2020.

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90.60     3. 9. 2023.


ISO/TC 22/SC 32

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This document specifies test methods and procedures to ensure the compatibility to conducted electrical transients along shielded high voltage supply lines of equipment installed on passenger cars and commercial vehicles fitted with electrical systems with voltages higher than 60 V d.c. and lower than 1 500 V d.c. and a power supply isolated from the vehicle body. It describes bench tests for both, injection and measurement of transients. It is applicable to all types of electrical independent driven, road vehicles (e.g. battery electrical vehicle (BEV) or hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), plugin hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)).

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ISO/TS 7637-4:2020
90.60 Završetak postupka preispitivanja standarda
3. 9. 2023.