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ISO/IEC TR 21897:2022

Information technology — Data centres — Impact of the ISO 52000 series on energy performance of buildings
15. 11. 2022.

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60.60     15. 11. 2022.



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This document proposes elements for the expression of energy production, storage, reuse and consumption in reference to primary energy in data centres, taking into account both the elements needed for energy assessment and the concepts developed in the framework of the ISO 52000 series for energy performance of buildings (EPB).
This document:
—    provides the main definitions and concepts from the ISO 52000 series needed to make a primary energy assessment for data centres;
—    provides approaches for discriminating true sources of energy used by a given data centre;
—    compares, where relevant, the terms used in both the ISO/IEC 30134 series and ISO 52000 series and provides explanations on the use of factors for converting final or delivered energy to primary energy which take a different approach in each series (and how to move from one to the other);
—    illustrates the impact of using the EPB approach on data-centre-energy-related key performance indicators (KPIs), both in general and by the provision of examples;
—    provides known sources of weighting or conversion factors to be used when there are no recognized or agreed local factors applicable to the studied data centre energy performance assessment.

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ISO/IEC TR 21897:2022
60.60 Standard objavljen
15. 11. 2022.