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ISO/IEC NP 16255

Information technology — Learning, education and training Access for All (AfA) Adaptation terms

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10.98     4. 10. 2022.



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This standard specifies a common, interoperable set of extensible properties for the description of relationships between resources, particularly resources (including resource components) that are adapted for increased accessibility to a particular user.
The standard includes using all relevant mechanisms for the publication of terminology for such descriptions, including publicly available registries of terms and related metadata resources such as application profiles. The property specifications are conforment to ISO/IEC 19788-1 Metadata for Learning Resources, and therefore also the W3C Resource Description Framework (
ISO/IEC 4932 defines a set of AfA terms that can be used in a Digital Resource Description or a Personal Needs and Preferences profile. These constitute application profiles and conform to ISO/IEC 19788-1.

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ISO/IEC NP 16255
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4. 10. 2022.