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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 19102:2020

Projektovanje zategnitih membranskih konstrukcija

Design of tensioned membrane structures

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50.60     20. 7. 2023.



Tehnička specifikacija



1.1 Scope of CEN/TS 19102
(1) This document applies to the design of buildings and structural works, made of structural membrane material. It provides guidance for the design of tensioned membrane structures, either mechanically or pneumatically tensioned at a defined prestress level.
NOTE 1 Membrane materials comprise structural fabrics, coated structural fabrics and foils.
NOTE 2 For elements of tensile surface structures not governed by this Technical Specification (for example made of steel, aluminium, wood or other structural materials), see relevant Eurocode parts.
(2) This document is concerned with the requirements for resistance, serviceability and durability of tensioned membrane structures, as given in EN 1990.
NOTE 1 The safety criteria follow EN 1990 and will consider specific limit states for tensioned membrane structures.
NOTE 2 Specific requirements concerning seismic design are not considered.
(3) Design and verification in this document is based on limit state design in conjunction with the partial factor method.
NOTE Special attention goes to the action of prestress, snow, wind and rain action on membrane structures and the combined effect of wind and rain or snow.
(4) This document covers analysis methodologies appropriate for tensioned membrane structures, from analytical to full numerical simulation methods.
(5) This document considers connections between membrane materials and between membrane materials and others.
(6) This document is applicable for hybrid membrane structures integrating different kinds of load bearing behaviour (tension, compression, bending, inflation…), in a way that the structural membrane shares loadbearing capacity with other structural elements made of different materials.
NOTE The term ‘hybrid structure’ refers to this combined structural behaviour or use of materials.
1.2 Assumptions
(1) The assumptions of EN 1990 apply to this document.
(2) This document is intended to be used in conjunction with EN 1990, the EN 1991 series, the EN 1993 series, the EN 1999 series, ENs, EADs and ETAs for construction products relevant to tensioned membrane structures.

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dnaSRPS CEN/TS 19102:2020
50.60 Završetak postupka odobravanja definitivnog teksta nacrta standarda
20. 7. 2023.

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